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Exploring Roof Builds, Techniques and Tools

Hey everyone, my name is Patricia Brown, but everyone calls me Trish. I will use this site to explore residential roofing materials and building techniques. Roofs protect the home from the elements and provide a stylistic touch unmatched by any other feature. There are a wide range of materials used for roof construction, including copper, asphalt and tile shingles. Even the hardware varies considerably depending on which type of roof you'd like for your home. Every roofer has their own set of tools and techniques used to complete the job. Roofers may utilize high tech tools to measure grades and find leaks. I could go on forever about roofs, so I created this site for my ideas and discoveries about this fun industry. I'd love for you all to follow along with my journey through roof exploration. Welcome!

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How To Prevent Soap Buildup In Your Shower Drains

Rub-a-dub-dub, the soap's in the tub, and when the water drains out, the soapy residue goes with it. Soap may be a necessary part of keeping your body clean, but it can also slip down the drain, cling to the pipes, and lead to problems down the line. If you are a regular soap user (as most people are), you have to be mindful of just how much soapy residue is going down the drain to avoid problems with clogged drains later on. Here are three simple ways to prevent soap buildup in your shower drains. 

Be careful with the type of soaps you use in your shower. 

You may have a favorite brand of soap, shampoo, or body wash that you just adore because it is rich and lathery and leaves your hair or body feeling silky smooth. But you really do have to be careful with what kind of soaps it is that you use. Some soaps will clog a drain faster than others. The usual problem is that some soaps have high concentrations of ingredients that are a lot like grease, especially bar soaps and soaps that have thickening agents. 

Spray super hot water down the drain after each shower. 

One easy way to wash down soapy residue is to simply turn on all hot water when you get out of the shower and spray a good dose of it down into your drain. If your hot water is long gone by the time you get out of the shower, consider reaching out for help with hot water tank service because this really should not be the case. A good dose of scalding hot water will help melt away any soapy residue that has been trapped in the drain. 

Use baking soda and vinegar to wash your drains occasionally. 

When you take the time to clean out your shower, grab the baking soda and vinegar from your kitchen cabinet. It is a good idea to use this homemade collaboration to wash out your drains periodically so soapy residue and soap scum does not accumulate to a degree that will cause issues. Drop a healthy dose of baking soda down into the drain and around it, and then pour vinegar over the top and watch it do its work. The activated combination will help to dissolve soap residue that is clinging to the inside of the drain pipe. 

Reach out to a company like West Sound Plumbing Service for more help.