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Exploring Roof Builds, Techniques and Tools

Hey everyone, my name is Patricia Brown, but everyone calls me Trish. I will use this site to explore residential roofing materials and building techniques. Roofs protect the home from the elements and provide a stylistic touch unmatched by any other feature. There are a wide range of materials used for roof construction, including copper, asphalt and tile shingles. Even the hardware varies considerably depending on which type of roof you'd like for your home. Every roofer has their own set of tools and techniques used to complete the job. Roofers may utilize high tech tools to measure grades and find leaks. I could go on forever about roofs, so I created this site for my ideas and discoveries about this fun industry. I'd love for you all to follow along with my journey through roof exploration. Welcome!


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Have Some Old Roofing Shingles? Here's Some Things You Can Do With Them

Whether you have just had the old roofing shingles removed from your home, or you are about to have the work done, you might be interested in the various ways in which you can reuse the shingles. Sure, you might not be able to reuse all of them, especially if you have a very large roof. However, the more you can get additional use out of, the less that will have to be removed from your property. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Roofing For Dog Houses And Tool Sheds

Even if all of the shingles had aged a good bit, you might find enough out of the pile that is still in good enough shape to protect the structure of a dog house or a tool shed. This is a good thing to do because you then will not have to worry about those structures suffering from too much water damage, which would then result in you having to pay for new ones. Also, you won't have to worry about spending money on a few new bundles of shingles, as you should already have enough at your home that you can work with.

Non-Slip Pads For Outdoor Steps

Whether they are the wooden steps that lead up to your front door or the few steps up into a storage shed, you will want to make sure that you are doing everything you can in order to prevent yourself from slipping. During the rain or snow, wood steps can become rather dangerous and you wouldn't want anyone slipping and injuring themselves. You just never know if they could sue you or cause you to have to file a claim against your homeowner's insurance policy. All you need to do to help prevent some accidents from occurring is to nail some of your older, yet still intact, roofing singles to the steps. They will act as non-slip pads in that they will give you that little bit of added traction needed so you can get up the steps safely.

Lay Them In Your Flower Beds

By spreading your old roofing shingles around in your flower beds before you pour the mulch or stones, you will be providing a weed barrier. This is going to be an affordable option compared to you having to purchase several rolls of weed barrier, which can still easily rip apart. The thicker the weed barrier is, the less likely it is that you are going to have a problem with any intrusive weeds.