DIY Flower Tower With Wire Mesh

If you are into gardening, you’ve probably already seen a number of plant towers overflowing with bright flowers. While you can typically buy the entire tower filled with flowers are home improvement centers or nurseries, these can be pricey. There is a less expensive alternative that you can make on your own for a fraction […]

Shallow Water Blackouts: What Every Swimmer And Pool Owner Should Know

It’s a common misconception in pool management that the precepts of water safety mainly apply to small children, the elderly, and non-swimmers. This is a significant mistake. Even strong swimmers in the 15 – 26 year old age group are at risk for shallow water blackouts when they participate in aquatic activity. Since shallow water blackouts […]

For Some Plumbing Projects, Hiring A Professional Is Your Best Option

As you begin your quest for self-sufficiency in earnest, you’re planning to build your own house or renovate a fixer-upper. Many plumbing projects can be accomplished by a do-it-yourself type while using an instruction guide or a video for assistance. However, some plumbing work is best left to the pros, so until you complete a […]

Get Pumped For Geothermal Heat Pumps! 4 Interesting Facts About Geothermal Heating And Cooling

With all the different innovations and technologies available to homeowners, understanding each one can be overwhelming. From a tankless water heater and whole house security system to touchscreen appliances, it is easy to see the challenges of choosing updates for your home. Of course, incorporating energy efficiency into the grand design of your house adds […]